What is deictic framing? And why is it important to good health?

file_101560_0_Baby_MirrorDeictic framing is framing events from different relational perspectives. For example, we can ask a client, “How can you-here-now reflect on the experiences of you-there-then?” When humans utilize this kind of perspective-taking, we can experience events, thoughts, feelings, and sensations differently than we usually do. This reinforces psychological flexibility.

We here at Sound Behavioral Health are digging on the new book “Mastering the Clinical Conversation: Language as Intervention” by Villatte, Villatte, and Hayes. Its breakdown of relational frame theory can get knotty at times, but our experience so far is that it’s worth the journey. (you can find the book here)

As part of the the book, the Villattes have created a very handy website with videos and blog posts. Here you’ll find three simple and immediately applicable methods to employ deictic framing in session with your clients.

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