Hear from folks about our trainings:

“Brian Mundy and Matt Wofsy are amazing teachers with exceptional clinical skills. My students have been very impressed with their presentations on Motivational Interviewing and the Integration of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into Family Treatment. They are also outstanding consultants who have worked with staff at all levels to incorporate evidence-based practices into major organizations in the mental health field. Their contributions to our book, Therapy in the Real World: Effective Treatments for Challenging Problems, were groundbreaking and created a powerful manual of very relevant clinical practice.”

-Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology

“The thing that I like most about Matt and Brian’s trainings – the thing that sets them apart and makes them so special – is that they are not only able to provide the practical information people need to learn a new counseling approach, like Motivational Interviewing (MI), but they are also able to bring the material to life with examples from their wealth of experience working in the field.  Both are highly skill clinicians who clearly live and breath MI. I highly recommend their trainings to anyone who is looking for an engaging introduction to the spirit, techniques, and real life applications of this powerful counseling practice.”

– Margaretta Fox, President and Founder, Fox Evaluation, LLC

“As a social worker at a large behavioral health agency, I have had the opportunity co-train and be trained by Matt & Brian. Having trained large, diverse audiences, they possess great skill in making concepts digestible for staff members of varying professional levels.  They each have the unique ability to bring abstract concepts to life using visual activities and concrete examples from their work in the field. Many, many combined years of clinical practice and best practice implementation allows them to be a phenomenal resource for many clinicians working with varied populations including children, families, and individuals struggling with substances and serious mental illness. All of these factors make Matt and Brian a dynamic training duo, however, it is their humble, down-to-earth approach that makes them a pleasure to work with.”

-Melanie Sanchez, LMSW, Clinical Analysis & Implementation Specialist, ICL

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